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Are Americans About to Lose Their Sexual Freedom?

If you own a swingers club, host a swingers party, or attend any type of swingers function then you do not want to miss the recently announced SwingFest 2008 seminar; "Legal Issues Affecting Swingers Clubs" presented by Lawrence G. Walters, from

Lawrence G. Walters, Esquire Mr. Walters is recognized as a national expert on legal issues pertaining to Free Speech and the Internet, and frequently contributes to television news programs on networks such as NBC, ABC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN. His high profile cases are regularly followed by the print media, and he’s been quoted in such periodicals as the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Wired Magazine, Business 2.0, Playboy, ABA Journal, St. Petersburg Times, Orlando Sentinel, and more.

The "Legal Issues Affecting Swingers Clubs" seminar at SwingFest 2008 will involve an overview of the hot legal issues affecting the swinger lifestyle community, including zoning and licensing laws, criminal statutes, nuisance abatement ordinances, and private civil actions. Strategies for winning future cases will be evaluated and questions from the audience will be accepted throughout the presentation.

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New Specialty Parties Added to SwingFest 2008
Come Party with the Biggest Lifestyle Groups From Around the World in '08

White Hot Party Presented by Philly Friction at SwingFest 2008

The Chocolate Room Presented by DCRPC at SwingFest 2008

The notorious Philly Friction group was the first of what is expected to be many Lifestyle Event Promoters and Businesses to host onsite parties during SwingFest 2008. Philly Friction is one of the largest groups in the Eastern United States and will be hosting the Philly Friction: White Hot party during the Saturday night festivities. The Philly Friction group has an impeccable reputation for "Hot Parties with Hot People" and all guests of the White Hot party are pre-screened by Philly Friction staff and members before party admittance.

"We have been working hard to bring *ALL* of our sexy members with us to hang with the sexy people from all around the world at SwingFest" said Lisa, Philly Friction Event Organizer. "We are bringing 2 of our sexy single girls hostesses, and 2 of our sexy host couples to greet everyone and introduce you around to the 'Frictioners' ... We would like to add one more single girl hostess from around the states to join us" [To apply email]

Click here to learn more about the White Hot Party

In addition, the Dark Cavern Real Players Club (featured in the April 2007 editions of Details and GQ UK magazines) along with 10 of their "A-Team" members will be hosting "The Chocolate Room" party at SwingFest '08 on Friday and Saturday evenings (8/1 and 8/2). Click to learn more about The Chocolate Room

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Get a FREE 30-day Premium Membership to
Couples and single women can create an account at and once you've created your account,
send an email to with the subject Swing with Fling! And we'll give you a free 30-day premium membership, just for being part of SwingFest 2008!

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Below is a quick overview of everything "SwingFest 2008" ... but be sure to visit soon and often as new features are being added all the time! Click the items below for more details

- Celibrity hostess: Mary Carey

- The Adult Exhibitor & Vendor Hall

- Parties and Events
  • Swingers Ball
  • Mary Carey Parties
  • Lingerie Party
  • Haulover Nude Beach
  • Trapeze Parites
  • Kink Party
  • Pool Parties
  • V.I.P. Parties
  • Meet & Greet Socials
  • White Hot Party
  • The Chocolate Room
  • Graffiti Party
  • Hospitality Suites

    - Local Attractions
  • Miami FL
  • Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Hollywood FL

    - Contests and Games
  • Video essay contest
  • ForePlay Golf Tournament
  • Mr & Mrs SwingFest
  • Lifestyle Olympics
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Swingers Have Talent Contest
  • Limbo Contest
  • Wet T-shirt Contest
  • Banana Eating Contest
  • Sexiest Legs Contest
  • Most Erotic Lingerie

    - Sexy Seminars
  • Law: Swingers Clubs
  • UnLEARN! Vanilla Marriage
  • Erotic Photography
  • Communication Skills
  • Successful Adult Website
  • Swingers and Nudists
  • BDSM
  • Write the perfect profile
  • Safe Sex Within The Lifestyle
  • Tantra Sex
  • Sensual Massage
  • Pole dancing
  • The G-spot
  • Oral Sex
  • Your Civil Rights
  • Masturbation
  • Achieve Multiple Orgasms
  • Meeting people
  • - Westin Diplomat Resort
  • 5-Star, Beachfront resort
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • 24 hour Room Service
  • Fitness Facility
  • Beauty Salon
  • Watersports, Tours & Rentals
  • Segway Experience
  • Motor Scooters
  • Bicycle Rentals
  • Jet Ski Rentals
  • Air Cat Rentals
  • Boat Rentals & Tours
  • Wake Boarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Knee Boarding
  • Tubing
  • Kayak Eco-Tours
  • Concierge Services
  • Marina
  • Dock space available
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Bay Rides
  • Bay Fishing
  • Flats Fishing
  • Sport Fishing
  • Dive Trips
  • Everglades Trips
  • Water Taxi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Poolside Cabanas
  • Restaurants
  • Service Express
  • Spa Facilities
  • Sport Fishing
  • Tennis
  • Valet Services
  • Ocean View Rooms
  • The Heavenly Bed
  • Heavenly Shower/Bath
  • Bath and Shower Stall
  • Private Balcony
  • Internet Access
  • Refreshment Center
  • Connecting Rooms
  • Bath Products
  • Turn Down Service
  • Huck's Fishin Hole
  • Fax/Printer/Copier
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Plush Terry Robes
  • Outback Fishing
  • And more!
  • - 5,000 Couples
      As of March 30, 2008; guests
      are registered to attend from:
  • Angola
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bermuda
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britan
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain
  • USA
    New Jersey
    North Carolina
    New York
    New Mexico
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    West Virginia

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    Fashion For The Fest
    Here's A Little Fashion Idea (Did we mention it was little?) from

    Haulover Beach during Swingfest will be the perfect place for naked fun. Although, sometimes less is more, especially on a nude beach and microwear from is the answer.

    Picture two glistening ladies spread across a blanket on a white hot Floridian beach. One wears only her SPF 4 waterproof oil-free Coppertone. The other wears a red Microkitten bikini and silver sparkling mini star Pastease with a tiny silver belly chain. Need we say more?

    OK. Maybe Black and Turquoise Rockstar Pastease and nothing but a little matching Pastease Strapless bikini bottom. Scandalous!

    For skimpier tops, Pastease also work to prevent unwanted slippage and increase the fun-with-tan-lines factor. Whatever the case, everyone will enjoy the tease!

    Sexy looks from Pastease

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    World's First 3D Interactive Swingers Club
    Get High Tech With This Virtual Swinging Community

    3D Swingers Club

    The world's first 3D interactive swingers club is all part of a virtual city at "We have just taken adult online dating and virtual swinging to the next level," said Tammy, webmistress of the site. "Users can literally sit around a table in the club and talk just like they would at any nightclub in the world. Whatever the user says appears in a balloon above their head and by moving the mouse pointer over any other character you can now see their actual picture and information. It's amazing to see. The first time I tried it, I thought 'now this is fun!'"

    Beyond the 3D experience, PlaySpouses also features VOIP phone, Video Chat, 3D Chat, MySpace type profiles, Internet Messenger, Java Chat, Blogs, amateur video and picture posting with comments, 3D Virtual Reality Swingers World, Forums and more. is free for users to enjoy and income is derived from advertisers and VOD services.

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    How to Find Your Dream Partner(s) Online
    Some Online Dating Tips For Couples, From Your Friends at

    Before you start, get clear with your partner about your boundaries and what is allowed in your relationship. Can she play with other women, but not with men? Is full swap OK? Clear communication and agreement means no surprises when you play! Plus, knowing what you want and sharing it will bring you closer together, and increase your success at fulfilling your desires. A lack of clearly defined boundaries can lead to problems that make an open sexual lifestyle much more difficult to navigate.

    Fill out your online profile! More information definitely translates to a higher success rate and greater satisfaction. Mentioning hobbies or interests can serve as icebreakers for conversation.

    Use the About Me section to describe yourselves: include physical descriptions, personalities, and boundaries. For Example:

    "He's a witty guy with a love of sailing; she's a little shy at first, and loves horror movies and fetish clothing. We enjoy listening to stories from strangers, hosting cocktail parties, fun themed events, and meeting new people. We play separately and together, with other couples and single women. We'd love to show you our favorite dive bar or take you to an underground party. Sexually, we like to start with a cocktail to warm up, and then maybe some massage to get things rolling."

    The About My Fling section is where you describe who you're seeking. Include as much information as possible about what works for you. Not down with smokers? Say so here. The best way to get what you want is to ask for it.

    Post pictures of both of you! Get the best responses possible by including a variety of pictures. A couple of images showing the energy between the two of you will be very inviting, as well as pictures of each of you individually. Include clothed images or titillating shots that expose a bit of skin.

    Nothing is more attractive than an open, easygoing nature. Talk to the person you're meeting beforehand, and do your best to make sure they know that your intent is to feel each other out about sex and what works for everyone involved. Knowing that you can say "no" and that there's no obligation to play is an incredible aphrodisiac…being OK with a maybe, and applying no pressure, can often lead to a YES!

    If someone contacts you and they're not your type, be sure to send a note in return to say, "Thanks but no thanks." The swinger community is very tight-knit, so it's important to send a response. Imagine yourself in their shoes-it's not easy to put yourself out there.

    Swing with Fling! Get a FREE 30-day trial on Now! Ready to Swing with Fling?
    Couples and single women can create an account at and once you've created your account, simply send an email to with the subject line: "Swing with Fling!" And we'll give you a FREE 30-day premium membership, just for being part of SwingFest 2008!

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    A Swingfest Suitcase
    What to bring (and not bring) on your Swingfest vacation

    There are so many things to think of when you pack for your trip to Swingfest 2008. Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder have come up with a top 10 list of things to forget and not to forget to bring to your swinging vacation.

    Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder Pack:
    1 - Condoms
    2 - Sheer lingerie, sarongs and wraps
    3 - Fun & easy going attitude
    4 - Massage oil, bubble bath and Godiva chocolates
    5 - Whips, chains, handcuffs and other assorted toys
    6 - Toe rings & sexy shoes
    7 - Sexy music for your room
    8 - Candles in jar
    9 - Lube & gloves (why not?)
    10 - Toothbrush, toothpaste & breath mints

    Leave behind:
    1 - Pets
    2 - Kids
    3 - Hang-ups
    4 - Starch white shirts
    5 - Worries
    6 - Work
    7 - Fuzzy slippers
    8 - Flannel robe
    9 - Business suit
    10 - Garlip dip

    Don't miss Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder as they present the "BDSM: Bondage for beginners" seminar at SwingFest 2008 and also visit them at their Fallen Angel Video, SwingFest Exhibitor Booth during the event.

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    Hard-On Across America Contest
    Enter & Win your share of up to $10K in cash and prizes!

    As you know this is an election year, this November we will be able to vote for the politician that will "screw" with us for the next 4 years.

    The makers of Hard-On Lip Balm think it only fair that you should also be able to vote for the person you would most like to "screw" with..... That is why Barons Best Ideas LLC (parent company of Hard On Lip Balm) is proud to present The Hard-On across America modeling campaign. All winners will be elected by you ( Vote Now )

    Unlike the current political fiasco our candidates will not start campaigning until Spring 2008 (At SwingFest 2008 and other events). Another sharp contrast you will notice is that our candidates speeches will be filled with love and visions of how to make America a better place to CUM.

    Those in the lifestyle realize that this country's no longer properly represented by a two party system. Therefore we will be electing Co-leaders, each candidate a representative of their respective life style.
    Ms Hard-On
    The polls show likely voters to be heterosexual males with a taste for sex.
    MR Hard-On
    Polling more towards heterosexual females with the same thing in mind.
    Hard-On "Queen"
    Gathering support from male voters with a taste for something a little beyond the norm and sizzling hot.
    Hard-On "Girl Friend"
    With strapping support from the lesbian hartland as well as some wishful thinking heterosexual men.
    Enter & Win your share of up to $10K in cash and prizes including modeling deals for each of 4 winners

    > Click here for contest details

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    Where is Everybody?
    Some places to find other couples attending SwingFest 2008

    One question we've been asked more and more lately is, "Where can we find other couples attending SwingFest?". Below are just a handful of quick links and information on places to look. If you know of other SwingFest groups online and would like to share them please let us know by emailing with a link and brief details about the group or web site.

    The SwingFest '08 Guestbook
    Lots of people have already signed the SwingFest '08 Guestbook. Have you?

    The SwingFest Yahoo Group
    Joining this group is quick, easy and free. If you already have a free yahoo account then most of the work is already done.
    Swing with Fling! Couples and single women can create an account at and once you've created your account, simply send an email to with the subject line: "Swing with Fling!" And we'll give you a FREE 30-Day Premium Membership, just for being part of SwingFest 2008!
    Don't have a account? That's OK!
    Join now and enter the SwingFest 2008 promotional code: SWAP2008 for a FREE Trial Membership. Once you're set up, you can find 2 seperate SwingFest 2008 areas in the Groups section of
    Swingercast has provided Swingfest attendees with both a public and a private discussion area where you can meet other couples who will be at Swingfest 2008. Log onto and visit the Forum for details.

    Swingercast is an award-winning free podcast that offers a glimpse into the life of a modern swinging couple. If you are familiar with the show then you will be pleased to know that the show's hosts, John and Allie, will be covering the festivities at Swingfest. Drop by their site, say hello and discuss Swingfest with all the others

    SwingFest on MySpace
    Many guests of SwingFest 2008 have come here to announce they will be attending the festivities.
    SwappWatch™ has been gaining popularity within the lifestyle community & individuals in the U.S. providing a Classy and Discreet way to meet others. Available online and during the SwingFest event is an exclusive Mary Carey SwappWatch collection.
    Here you will find many site members attending SwingFest 2008
    Here you will find many site members and groups (willynkitty) making plans for SwingFest 2008
    Join the SwingFest Swingers Convention Group. Log into AFF and Click: "Groups > Topic > Swingers Conventions > SwingFest Swingers Convention"

    Travel SDC
    Here you will find lots of people posting their travel plans for SwingFest 2008 is an up-and-coming, free, social networking site ... with a SwingFest 2008 Group :) is an online Swingers Magazine that has just started up with some great information accompanied with some wonderful artwork and photography. SwingFest was recently added to the list of international events and guests are welcome to join the guest list.

    We also recommend checking the following sites for groups and attendees:

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    Enter to win a FREE trip to SwingFest 2008!
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    How Can We Get Involved With SwingFest?

    SwingFest has no shortage of opportunities for guests and businesses alike. Take a look at some of the items listed below and choose what's right for you.

    Register For SwingFest 2008!
    You don't want to miss SwingFest 2008! Be sure you register early and avoid the last minute rush!

    SwingFest Affiliate Program
    Signup now! It's Free! You could earn Free Passes, A Free Room, and even Free Exhibitor Space!

    Host a Party!
    This is a great opportunity for event promoters and lifestyle businesses to shine at SwingFest '08

    Get Promotional "Stuff" for your Event
    If you host swinger events, we want to hear from you! Email for details

    Become a Sponsor
    We have FREE sponsorships available so businesses big and small can show their support

    Become a Vendor
    Convention Exhibitors get the opportunity to demonstrate and SELL to a massive target audience

    Web Banner Exchange
    Got a lifestyle related site that could use some more traffic? We have a Free Banner Exchange

    Contact Us
    Got an idea? We are always interested in hearing from you about ideas and suggestions

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    Mary Carey
    Playboy Radio

    Sean Michaels University
    Trapeze Florida
    Hedonism Resorts
    Desire Resorts
    Caliente Resort Florida
    The Lifestyles Orginization
    Travel SDC
    Social Kink
    Adult Chamber
    Temptation Resorts
    Wet -
    4-Erotica Stores
    dress your dreams
    Fetish Wear
    Hard-On Lip Balm
    Nearly Naked
    O-Yes Rings
    Tabu Lifestyle
    Pinup Pussycat
    Bay Couples

    4-Erotica Stores
    Adult Direct Network
    Aim 2 Tease
    AlaBama Select Socials
    Alexandra Silk
    All Swingers Jewelry
    Allure of Swinging
    America Swings
    Adults XYZ
    Ankled Panties
    Apple Clubs
    Arabesque Body Creations
    Artistic Glassware
    AS Travel Center of Fl
    A Family Limo
    Bargain Bubble Travel
    Barons Best Ideas LLC
    Bathsheba`s Fashions
    Bella Vita Resorts
    Beyond Sexy
    Black Swingers Connect
    Black Swingers United
    Boston Erotic
    Car Condom Protection
    Carolina Connections Club
    Checkmates Club
    Circle City Socials
    Climax Bar
    Circle City Socials
    Club Deco
    Club Elite
    Club Fre
    Club Indulgence
    Club Whispers
    Connection Travel Inc
    Couples International
    Cove Entertainment
    Dark Cavern Players Club
    Deenies Hideaway
    Desire Resorts
    Dolce Cruises
    Dreamscape Screening
    Dress Your Dreams
    DPSwing Entertainment
    Eden Group
    El's Sexy Site
    Erotic City Swingers
    Erotic Intent
    Exotic Travel Mart
    Exotic Travel Plans
    Exotic Travel Services
    Fairvilla Megastore
    Fallen Angel Video
    Florida's Finest Couples
    Florida's Friendly Swingers
    Formal Affairs
    Gifts with Purpose
    Happy Gay Travel
    Hard-On Lip Balm
    Harrisons Wine Bar
    Hedonism Resorts
    Hedonist Lifestylez
    High Maintenance Party
    Illinois Swing Quest
    Intimate Swingers Online
    Jimmy D Entertainment
    Kaylani Cream
    Kinkys Korner
    Le Chateau Exotique
    Luc Wylder
    Magie Noire
    Mandingo Club
    Maple Swingers
    Mary Carey Productions
    Maxdane Entertainment
    Meet White Women
    Miamor Resort
    Milk & Honey Toys
    MJ Products
    Modern Nudist
    Mr N Ms Bhaven
    Nearly Nekkid!
    Nudist Report
    NY Club Chameleon
    NYC Cpls BiFem
    O-Yes Rings
    Pay Per Match Pty Ltd
    Peng Travel Limited
    Philly Friction
    Pinup Pussycat
    Playboy Radio
    Playful Intentions
    Porterfield Remodeling
    Put them on the glass
    Pleasures Resorts
    Push Insider
    Right Connections Travel
    Rooftop Beach House
    S2 Lifestyle
    Safe Sex Passport
    Sandhills Couples
    Seattle Sexplorations
    Secret Xentials LLC
    Secs Unlimited
    Sex Machines Australia
    Sexx University
    Sexy Swaps
    Shameless Flirts Anon
    Southern Pleasures
    Special Friend Finder
    Specialty Party Planning
    Studio 54X
    Sturgis Rally
    Sun Coast Sinsations
    SunCoast Swingers
    Swing Life
    Swing Nova
    Swingers Club
    Swingers do Brasil
    Swingers Escape Club
    Swingers hotel party
    Swingers Lifestyle Club
    Swinger Talk Radio
    Sybian / Abco Research
    Tantra PM
    Temptation Resorts
    The Friendship Express
    The Group Room
    The Lifestyle Essence
    Lifestyles Organization
    The Meeting Place
    The Mystery Zone
    The Pleasure Palace
    Third Street Jewelry
    Threesome PUA
    Tom`s trips
    Travel Au Naturel
    Travel SDC
    True Life Changes
    TRV, llc
    Tryst Magazine
    Two gyrlz and a cam
    VIP Productions SF
    Virginia Play Pals
    Wet International
    Wild Times Travel
    Wildside Events
    World Wide Web, Inc.
    You Know Where

    We would like to sincerely thank all of the Exhibitors, Sponsors, Affiliates, Friends & Supporters of SwingFest listed above. We could not do it without you,
    and we are eternally grateful for your support.
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