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Alpine Erotica is proud to offer many sensual workshops and seminars that are sure to enhance your lifestyle experience. Classes will run approximately 30-90 minutes in length and there is no extra charge to attend. Workshops make for a nice way to meet and mingle with other guests while also learning something new and exciting.

Female Ejaculation...Squirting...Amrita All terms for the same thing.

But, what is it?
Is it true?
Can it really happen?
Isn't it just pee?
Have you ever felt shame for leaving a wet spot?

Female ejaculation is not a myth. Science has said that only 10% of woman can ejaculate, but our experience is more like the reverse. I have yet to have a woman who wanted to ejaculate that hasn't. You may have known about female ejaculation for some time or maybe you’ve only just learned about it, but female ejaculation is real. As a female you can stop living with shame if at some point in time you really did ejaculate and thought you had peed. Even the Vagina Monologues had a segment where a woman was shamed because something so natural was greatly misunderstood.

In this presentation we will discuss the myths and facts then we will teach how your partner can facilitate invoking the "nectar of the gods." We will describe the benefits and the precautions you will need to take when we, ahem, open up the flood gates to your pleasure.

Just to be clear this is not a parlor trick designed to help men increase their ego, but a demonstration so that women can become more empowered in their pleasure. We will talk about how to create the environment and how to tie the experience of female ejaculation to orgasm. Men will be taught the subtleties involved in evoking the female ejaculate or “amrita” within the goddess. In a live demonstration, you will see the beauty and power, the vulnerability and sweetness in the truth about female ejaculation.

Presented by: Click for more information Elizabeth Wood & Daka Dan

Sponsored by: Beyond the Bedroom: Relationship - Intimacy - Exploring Possibility

There's More to Your Genitals than Meets the Eye

Could you pick your genitals out of a lineup? Do you know there are nine different genital types for both men and women? Why is this so important? Come and learn how to identify your own sexual anatomy, how it functions, and why this knowledge is important to sexual health and satisfaction.

Hint: knowing this can improve your love life.

Various types of male and female genitalia will be discussed and described. We will dispel the myths that yours look different than anybody else's, that they are not normal and that size matters. By the end of class, you should be able to pick yours out of a lineup.

Presented by: Click for more information Elizabeth Wood & Daka Dan

Sponsored by: Beyond the Bedroom: Relationship - Intimacy - Exploring Possibility

Pleasuring the goddess and gspot massage

Come learn all about the Goddess and all of her fantastic parts. This workshop will cover female anatomy and how things work, tips and tricks to get her hot and ready, and what women fantasize about. Also covered will be the G-spot. Discover what it is and how to stimulate it. We will discuss the different between a G-spot orgasm vs a clitoral one. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask any questions they like in their quest to discover how to love their goddess.

Presented by: Dr. Megan Stubbs, EdD, ACS, Sexologist and Sex Educator
Sponsored by: SexologistMegan.com

Orgasm…I want it…Where do I find it?…How do I get it?

In this class, orgasm will be described and deconstructed into its various parts. Before we reach the climax of this teaching, you will learn an expanded definition of orgasm that includes more than your genitals. We will teach the science and spirituality of orgasm which is sure to transform your relationship to the Big O!

Come as a single or bring your partner. All will learn different techniques to increase orgasm, its frequency, its strength and duration.

    Dare to find answers to such questions as:
  • What does my brain have to do with orgasm?
  • Can I experience orgasm in other parts of my body?
  • Orgasm? A nutrient?
  • Can I really have more than one orgasm in a single lovemaking session?
We look forward to answering these questions and more

Presented by: Click for more information Elizabeth Wood & Daka Dan

Sponsored by: Advocates and Educators for Sexual Awareness (AESA): promoting a loving, joyous, conscious world through sex-positive education and coaching.

Sponsored by: Beyond the Bedroom: Relationship - Intimacy - Exploring Possibility

Have Better Sex

This seminar is all about intimacy. Come learn how to make a lasting and deeper connection with your partner. As your intimacy deepens, the more exciting sex can become for the both of you. Learn Dr. Ava Cadell’s 12 C’s of a cool, confident and charismatic couple. Often described as one of the most difficult aspects of sexuality to define, intimacy is varied and comes in many different forms. Discover intimate ideas to do with your partner as well as learn how to communicate better. Attendees will have the opportunit to ask any questions they like on their quest to have better sex.

Presented by: Dr. Megan Stubbs, EdD, ACS, Sexologist and Sex Educator
Sponsored by: SexologistMegan.com

Naked Yoga

Naked yoga is the practice of yoga without clothes. The practice is gaining popularity, any wonder..
Presented by: A very SEXY Lifestyle YOGA Instructor
Sponsored by: TBA

Orgasmic meditation "OM" or "OMing"

It's a practice (think of yoga, running, violin, etc) that is a gateway to more vitality, connection and turn on. It's deliberate and structured with repeatable results. It's a meditation, equally powerful for both partners -- ony the object of focus is the clitoris. OM is a source of power -- a well from which to draw energy. It's profound, yet simple, and can have dramatic effects on your sex life

OM is a practice done between two people that has no goal except to feel what is happening in the moment. OM is not about more climax. (yes, Orgasm and Climax are different) It is about expanding the sweet spot of the most pleasurable part of Orgasm.

NOTE: This seminar is 1.5 to 2 hours long and are only available to full weekend attendees staying at the hotel. reservations will be taken during event registration.

Presented by: TBA
Sponsored by: TBA

Please Note: Workshops and Seminars are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. In the event of a cancellation SwingFest Events will make every effort to maintain a schedule consisting of no less than 4 workshopes or seminars during the Alpine Erotica event.

Have Questions? Contact us at general@swingfestevents.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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